The event setup will only have one registration, meaning that you can participate in as many tournaments as you want, in whichever weapons. Registration for a tournament is done right before each tournament. However, it is important for us that this event is a communal effort, meaning that all fencers are expected to staff at least one tournament. We are very happy to get volunteers who are willing to practice their judging in a relaxed tournament environment and we hope that many fencers chose to help out the event by staffing more than just one tournament. The staffing will be administrated on site and we hope that this can be done in a spirit of community.

The schedule will be decided fairly close to the event and will likely be dynamic, since we don’t know the number of participants until right before the tournament starts.

All events are Bring your own steel!

We will strive to have at least six person pools for as many of the pools as possible, meaning that if you lose every single fight you will still get a lot of bouts. The pools will be followed by elimination brackets.

We are renting two huge halls at Örebro University, on the site for the Swedish Nationals 2016 and Battle of the Bridge 2017. One hall will be dedicated to sparring.

Just like all competitions in Sweden, members of Swedish clubs must have a competition license! Equipment must be 350 N certified.