Our goals with Battle of the Bridge are the following:
1. Offer an event with a strong beginner focus, to balance up the many prestigious events in the Nordic region. We want this event to be a good first or second tournament, but at the same time offer good quality bouts for more seasoned fencers.
2. Work against a possible stagnation of the Nordic scene by offering a variation in both tournament setup and ruleset.
3. Give fencers a lot of bouts in the event to give great value for the money.
4. Organizing an event that’s professional and of high quality, but at the same time relaxed and friendly with a clear learning focus, rather than a prestigious event for fencers to train for.

How do we plan to achieve these four goals?
The tournaments will be fought on mats that are 4*8 meters. By cutting the normal mats in half like this we will be able to fit twice as many mats in the same hall space. We will be running this event on 5 mats. Using normal Nordic rules and setup for 5 mats would require a way too big staff for it to be financially reasonable for the fencers. We will instead use a system where the referee also is the judge, together with a supporting judge. By using this system a mat can be staffed by three people (ref, judge and table) instead of ten people using a full judging staff. This will naturally mean that the quality of the calls will go down, but for us this is an acceptable tradeoff. We are trading way more quantity for a bit less quality.