Örebro Open 2015



The third and final event of the Nordic Historical Fencing League (www.nhfl.nu) will take place in Kristinehamn 29-31 of May, at Värmlandscampen, http://varmlandscamp.se/.

Registration is now open! http://goo.gl/forms/hYKjDSu1ud

There will be a mixed longsword tournament and a women‘s longsword tournament, which are part of the NHFL. There will also be a sabre tournament and a rapier and dagger tournament. The event will end at Saturday night with a closing dinner, complete with the prize ceremony for the NHFL 2015, where the winners of the mixed, women’s and team competitions will be crowned.

Just like previous years, accommodations and food will be available at the venue, making this an event with very few hidden costs.


Friday 29th of May

15:30 All staff for sabre on site.

16:00 Judge brief and judge warmup.

16:25 Gear check sabre pools 1 and 2

16:30 Start pool 1 and 2

17:25 Gear check sabre pools 3 and 4

17:30 Start pool 3 and 4

18:30 Judge brief and judge warmup.

18:55 Gear check rapier pools 1 and 2

19:00 Rapier pools 1 and 2

Ca 21:00 Elims sabre and rapier


Saturday 30th of May

08:00 Judge brief and judge warmup.

08:25 Gear check mixed LS pools 1 and 2

08:30 Start mixed LS pools 1 and 2

09:25 Gear check mixed LS pools 3 and 4

09:30 Start mixed LS pools 3 and 4

10:25 Gear check mixed LS pools 5 and 6

10:30 Start mixed LS pools 5 and 6

11:25 Gear check mixed LS pools 7

11:30 Start mixed LS pools 7

13:25 Gear check women LS pool 1 and 2

13:30 Start women LS pool 1 and 2

15:00 Start mixed LS elims

16:30 Start women LS elims

18:00 Finals



17:30-21:00 BBQ buffet


06:30-09:00 Breakfast

12:00 Lunch (there will be sandwiches and similar available to buy during the afternoon)

20:00 Dinner


08:00-09:00 Breakfast



The tournament fee is 700 SEK for all weapons except rapier and dagger, for which it is 600 SEK (because it is bring your own steel)

The cost for an additional tournament is 300 SEK (200 SEK for rapier and dagger)

We also supply a food package for 500 SEK, which includes dinner Friday, breakfast, lunch and celebratory dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday. More details regarding the dinner later.

The accommodations we offer is either a bed in a dorm for 300 SEK for two nights, including towel and sheets, or a bed in a double room for 500 SEK per person for two nights, including towel and sheets.

We offer 400 SEK discount if you judge only the longsword, and 300 SEK discount if you judge rapier and dagger and sabre. It is of course not possible to judge a tournament in which you are competing.

Last day for registration is May 10. Registration is binding and fee will not be refunded. We will book meals and accommodations May 11, meaning that we will have to pay for your food, linen, room and other costs, even if you unregister after this date. Because of this you will still have to pay the full price of the event even if you don’t attend, if you drop out after May 10.

Fencers with outstanding debts to any of the NHFL tournaments need to settle these debts before registering.

Standard longsword feders by Regnyei Armour for the longsword tournament and sabres for the sabre tournament will be provided by the event. Rapier and dagger is bring your own swords.


Conduct of bouts

Equipment requirements

Structure of tournament